Rowdy HAWL


Rowdy Hawl’s Musical Yowl

RowdyHawl21Rowdy is by far the loudest of the group.
He love to talk and bay and howl.
And he hates living in a trailer, too like a coop.
You see he grew up with a bunch of fowl.

Rowdy Hawl too early grew accustomed to sound.
Raised on a farm with chickens, geese, and ducks,
There was never a moment when noise wasn’t around.
Now you or me to this may say yuck.

But not Rowdy Hawl, he learned to love this noise.
When he’s around you’ll be lucky to hear your thoughts.
He’s loud and obnoxious even as he toys
With the keyboard, he’ll make snappy retorts and shots.

You’ll never see Rowdy Hawl at a loss for words.
Raising the roof and creating a ruckus
It’s what he does, no matter what the hazards.
The music so lively as it struck us.

That is why all the girls say that Rowdy Hawl,
No matter what he says, is always the Cat’s Me.