Guitar Mick


The Melody of Guitar Mick

Gutar Mick5Guitar Mick was always very painfully shy,
Which is odd because he’s a good-looking guy.
His look is that of a confident loner,
A dog who has a solid anchor.
But words always seem to fail
And his voice often will trail,
Leaving his thoughts unspoken
And his soul somewhat broken.

But hand him a guitar and he has a voice,
A steady, bluesy sound is his default choice.
When he’s off by himself
You’ll find him strumming up a wealth
Of music like you’ve never heard.
There are some who think it is absurd
That this dog of too few words
Can rock a room and your innards.

Guitar Mick may not have much to say,
But if you see him with a guitar it’s time to pay
Close attention to what he plays,
Because it is always deep, what his music says.
You’ll be drawn in by each melodic lick,
The quiet soul of Guitar Mick.