Foxy Roxy

Foxy Roxy The Howling Hotsie


FoxyRoxyWebCover4There is no way to over state
The beauty of Foxy Roxy.
Her snow white pelt, her graceful gait,
Her perfect ears, her profound moxy.
But all mouths shut up
Once she struts up,
Her paws take hold,
And the world grows old
As she belts out her latest song.
It doesn’t take long before heads bop along,
Keeping time to her hypnotic rhyme,
Though no one sings, the words they mime.

Roxy was always the darling girl.
She grew up in a different kind of world.
She had privilege and power,
But with each passing hour,
Roxy knew it was not the life she wanted.
As she slept her dreams were haunted
So full of music and adoring crowds,
But her parents forbid it, they were too proud.
Their daughter was meant for greater things
Than to waste her life up on stage as she sings.

Once the pressure because far too much,
Roxy left home to find her real place.
She never quite realized about her looks and such
That power was hers with one look at her face.

She met a band of traveling hounds,
And she was so thrilled with all of their sounds,
She decided to join them up on the stage.
And there she has stayed, the latest rage.
The darling, the dear, the magnificent Roxy,
So Foxy this princess, a howling hotsie.