Big Chase


The Deep Bass Stylings of Big Chase

BigChasePlays9To the casual observer, Big Chase can look scary.
He is the largest of dogs, but in girth and in stature.
His legs are as big as as two year old oak,
His mouth looks like in any log would get broke.
His head is the size of a basketball,
His tail is so long it could be a whip.
But looking at him that is not all.
His ears stand straight up to a sharp-looking tip.
His eyes are two colors, one brown and one blue,
It is really quite shocking when he looks straight at you.

But Big Chase is the kindest of souls.
He’s sweet and he’s kind, like a gentle giant.
Once he was the runt, the size of a mole.
He clung to life, towards death most defiant.
He ate and he grew over the course of time,
Some pups treated him good, others not so much.
Like anything else there was no reason nor rhyme.
He never let size bother him, at least not much.
Growing up in the Arctic could be pretty rough,
But small as he was, Chase had so much fluff.

He grew through the years, surpassing the others
All of the while he played in the band.
He learned to play many different types of covers.
Chase loved trial and error and often tried his hand
At different instruments until he found
That the melody of the deep bass
Created a feel of music all around.
It was then at that time and place
This gentle giant became the ultimate player of bass,
Inseparable the instrument and Big Chase.