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Hi, I’m the WooFDriver, this is a WoofDriver website. I am a seeker of adventure and lover of dogs. I am dedicated to sharing my adventures with the public, while doing everything in my power to promote the betterment of dogs.
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The SnoWOOFS are the alter egos of a real life WooFPAK! This is a working, roaming, and rambling WooFPAK! From MUSHing sleds on wheels to running free and racing ATVS this WooFPAK travels in a Jumbo Jet Truck all over the mid-atlantic USA region touring and traveling to strut their stuff!! In their free time and in between rides they like to jive about all their finds and awesome lives!

The SnoWOOFS main man is the WooFDriver. The WooFDriver has helped the SnoWOOFS live the life they lead! The SnoWOOFS have actually taken the WooFDriver’s entire WooFTunes (All Dog Song) Library and redone it SnoWOOF Style! From SnoWOOF RAP music to Heavy Metal Rock & Roll they have made it their own! So take a listen and get down from all their hound sounds rocking rolling and rapping all around from town to town and Mushing the sled round and round!!

On the left menu you will find each SnoWOOF Band member. To see what they do when they’re not on stage or in the studio performing check out their other website at I LOVE The WooFPAK!

To your right you will find those extraordinary pictures and songs they’ve written and performed!

Below you will find just some of the cartoons that show how these dogs really perform. Click on your favorite rock star to see more of these fun cartoons!!

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